Monday, 17 December 2012

cerita 3 serangkai..


Cerita 3 serangkai..make it short,malas nak tulis pjg2..biar u all senang baca..

My SIL1 pregnant
Ok,berita yang diterima 2 hari lepas. My SIL1 (kakak kpd Encik Abah) is pregnant for her 3rd kakak dah masuk 4th years old n my SIL1 just finished her master this is the best time for her to preggy kan..but,TTCians know the feeling right? need to elaborate pjg lebar..and i hope that i am pregnant this months also, so that our child can be sebaya, n imagine how meriah if Tokmak get 2 grandchildren at the same time..insyaAllah.. 

EPF approval
Alhamdulillah, EPF approved our application to withdraw our 'Akaun 2' to pay the balance of our Viscaria deposit..the balance is 11k n we need to topup some amount because our Akaun 2 is not enough to cover that balance.. nevermind,our sacrifice for our future offsprings!

Tomorrow is the day!!
The day that we wait since about 2 weeks ago..haha..because tomorrow is a PAYDAY!!!!!! Padan muka kami, sebab boros sgt berbelanja..disebabkan gaji bulan 11 masuk awal..duit berkepok dalam bank,maka lupa daratan..beli tu, beli ni..last2 melopong..haha..ok, esok nak shopping!!!! degil!

ok, thats all..

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